FK Dainava

Support the club

DFK “DAINAVA” invites all fans of the club to claim the income tax granted by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania to allocate 2% of their income tax to the club. This type of support requires no additional material costs for you. This money is crucial to the club and the future of Alytus football!

The application form must be completed by 1 May and submitted to the State Tax Inspectorate. Completing the application form is very simple: all you have to do is fill in and sign your personal details. How fast are you to apply? Find out how to complete and submit your application.

When filling in the online declaration, enter your details (personal identification number, name, name, name DZ-KIJA FOOTBALL CLUB), denomination (code) (code) of the beneficiary (code) 303166902, your personal details (personal identification number, name, name, Name: name). Form FR0512, tax rate (2.00%), tax allocation period (maximum 2022)

You can also print out a form in which you must fill in your personal information with a copy of your ID by e-mail or send it to the nearest STI service.

You can download the application and bring it to the nearest STI office.

You can also offer support via e-banking:


  1. Log in to your e-banking account and via it to the electronic declaration system (eg SEB customers after logging in to other services, then e-declaration, I agree and logging at EDS, similar to Swedbank – Select Daily Services, then on the left, click on E-Services or STI Declaration and Join EDS – Finding It is Easy, Other Banks have a similar path).
  2. After joining EDS, you may be asked to confirm your updated EDS contract (if you were a long time ago when you were last logged in), then click Confirm below. New users need to sign up (it only takes a few minutes – you need to provide your contacts and the like).
  3. Select EDS Options above, then click Send Document and directly under Fill Document. In the middle you will find the form FR0512 (number 12 in the list) and click on the globe – fill out the form directly on the portal.
  4. A separate application form window opens when you need to enter the data:
    • Fields 1-4 should fill in some of the information automatically, so only fill in the blank.

    • In box 5, enter 2018.

    • In box 6S, check the box.

    • In field E1, select 2.

    • In field E2, enter 303166902.

    • In field E3, you can type DFK DAINAVA.

    • Enter 2.00 in field E4.

    • In box E5, indicate the period by which you would like to apply for support, ie if you wish to provide support each year but do not complete a new declaration. The maximum period is up to 2021, or shorter.

      Note: If you completed this form last year and submitted a period of more than one year, you do not need to fill it again this year.

  5. Press the red exclamation mark at the top. If no errors are reported with red flags, everything is fine. If errors occur, the messages should be displayed at the bottom of the page. If you double-click on the error message, you will get the location where the error occurred. If a warning (yellow flag) appears on the recipient’s number, make sure that you have actually entered it in the text immediately above, and then ignore the warning.
  6. Click Send and confirm that you really want to submit.