FK Dainava

Dainavos Futbolo Klubas Dainava
Fight ON. Game On. or hate it.

Its not how big you are, Its how big you play

Alytus Dainava FOOTBALL CLUB

Alytus Dainava is one of the oldest and most famous football clubs in Lithuania. He was born in 1935. Alytus was founded by men of the Lithuanian Shooting Union.

Over the years, Dainava has not only won the love of the people of Lithuania, but also the whole region – Dz’kija. 1975 Alytus Dainava won the gold of the Lithuanian championship – the biggest performance of the club so far.

Alytus football community LEGACY

2003 Deinsowa disintegrated and was only restored in 2011. The revived legendary club revitalized Alytus’ sporting life and revitalized Lithuanian football culture – surrounded by pine trees, Dainava Stadium was Lithuania’s most popular football arena, attracting the most spectators.

Over time, Alytus’ Dainava was clouded by scandal clouds. End of the year, the club was declared bankrupt and launched.

Alytus football community, along with the most loyal supporters – the D’kai tanks ultra-community, decided not to wait and laid the foundation for the team that continues the tradition of the legendary Alytus club – Dzukija football club (DFK) Dainava.

The club has attracted alot of big brand sponsirship along the way one of whoch was

The goal of the DFK Dainava is to continue the work of the beloved, 1935. established club tradition and regained the regalia of the club over time.

The Stadium


Address: Birutės g. 5, Alytus

Contacts: (8 ~ 315) 75 490

Seats: 3748

Coverage: Natural lawn

Square size: Square of standard dimensions

Opened: 1924

Updates: 1957-1958, 2007, 2009-2010.

Owner: Alytus City Municipality



28-year-old Norwegian Kim Rénningstad, who has just started his coaching career this season, did not hesitate to leave his homeland and come to Lithuania, where he immediately moved to the top of Dzukija football club Dainava and his first victory in the past week.

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LFF I football is back in Alytus. The path to the first home win on the city stadium’s lawn will be in search of a season’s outing, but suffered after three consecutive defeats at Alytus DFK Dainava.

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On Monday, the club Alytus DFK “Dainava” received the offer of Lithuanian runner-up Vilnius to play the control game in the capital Dzékija. The goal was to close the gap between the two clubs due to the Lithuanian national team play and Kaunas Stumbras B’s defeat.

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